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Winter 2020 Newsletter

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Swanland School Update

The struggle against COVID-19 is of course a global one and Swanland School, like all others around the world, has faced many challenges as the academic year has been hugely disrupted. There has been very little face to face classroom teaching possible since April, but the school has continued to support its pupils through distance learning. The community is not able to utilise the digital IT learning platforms that we are so used to and have to rely on staff printing out workbooks, collecting them in and feeding back to pupils on a regular basis. To support them in this, we funded a new printer/copier and additional office/stationery supplies which have been well used! The pastoral team have also kept in close contact with as many as possible, though some have moved away from Nairobi temporarily due to the impact of the virus. School is due to open again in January for the new academic year. We were also able to fund an upgrade to the kitchen facilities at the school which will improve hygiene and the wellbeing of the hard working catering staff.


Esther’s School Update

Much like Swanland School, Esther has received a thorough government inspection to make sure the school is CV-19 safe. That has meant a few additions and, thanks to your help, we were able to fund two large tents to act as temporary classrooms for student spacing, additional individual desks and several of these hand washing stations around the school.

The next improvement is to provide a kitchen at the pre-school to avoid them having to transport the cooked food between the sites in the back of a car, this will cost around £10k. Do let us know if you are able to support this.

The local community around the school relies hugely on Esther and her team for care, food and medical support, never more so than in these difficult times of responding to the Coronavirus impact. The support we provide to Esther is multiplied many times through her dedicated support for the local Ngong community.


End of Year Summary

To say that 2020 has been a difficult year is an understatement and one of the many CV-19 implications has been our inability to hold any fundraising events. However, our core supporters have maintained their generosity throughout the year and, for the most part, we have been able to meet all the needs at each school. Collectively we sent just over £100k in grants in 2020 – that is a fantastic achievement, where every pound donated goes towards the care and education of vulnerable children as well as vital support to their local communities through the employment of teachers and support staff. Thank you for your continued support and please know that you have helped to improve the lives of many people much less fortunate than ourselves this year.


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