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Summer 2022 Newsletter

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Swanland School Update

These two photos show the very real progression from early school years to High School. The core aim of our charity is to provide care and education to the very poorest of children in deprived areas who would not otherwise be able to access schools. The education we are able to provide them allows them a real hope for the future and hundreds have gone on to High School, and Higher Education across Kenya.

Swanland School Nairobi continues to be a beacon of hope in the deprived neighbourhood of N’gando. Despite receiving many applications from more affluent (relatively speaking!) families, the school has continued with its vision of serving the poorest in this local community and delivering a great rounded curriculum to these children. Many come from broken homes with very challenging living conditions. They are so grateful for the opportunity that Swanland School brings, and it is a joy to see so many progress and achieve great things through their hard work and commitment!


Esther’s School Update

A key part of Esther’s school is the early years education and pre-school support. Esther also runs a project to support women in the community manging HIV/AIDS. Having access to good, quality nursery and pre-school provision allows these women to work and support themselves knowing their children are also getting the start in life.

Esther’s school continues to go from strength to strength, thanks mainly to the dynamic leadership of Esther and her husband Daniel. Last year many of you gave generously to their building project for a new kitchen at the pre-school. I am pleased to report that this is now completed. With your support Esther is now able to provide hot meals to both school sites!


Celebration Events and Monitoring Visit

This picture captures the sense of achievement and celebration that always accompanies an end of year awards event! We often take the opportunity for education for granted here in the UK, but these events always demonstrate how proud and appreciative the students are for the opportunity they have and the achievements they have made.

Of course, we haven’t been able to visit these last two years but, thanks to some good local connections, we were able to arrange a professional monitoring visit to each school. We have their reports which are hugely encouraging and reassuring, not just to us as Trustees, but also I’m sure to you as donors, to know that the funds are all being effectively used to deliver our core aims of care, education and hope.


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